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Do you know the reason why designers choose metal screen partition?

Why are stainless steel partitions favored by customers? HOTIGOLD specializes in the production of stainless steel partitions.
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Examples of Stainless Steel Partitions

Stainless steel screen can be popular in the stainless steel industry so far, it has to be said that from ancient times to now have retained a lot of wisdom in it, for example, if the door is on the balcony, it will be bad luck? Why do you say so, the God of wealth found from the gate entrance without any object to block him, directly to the balcony, the God of wealth did not stay indoors from the balcony to slip away, so how to do, estimate that we can guess what to use to do some measures to remedy or avoid the problem in geomantic respect.

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In ancient times, the traditional screen adopts the material of most is to choose wood, wooden style design is not only a single, cleaning method is tedious, long time of friction also will be very easy to aging become old, and the wood how to say, not only prone to mildew, moth, discoloration, etc., for a long time, still not able to withstand the years CuoMo. So the metal partition is also the crystallization of modern human wisdom.

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Do designers configure what kind of screens under what circumstances? In order to achieve better artistic effects, designers will basically choose to customize metal screens based on style and home furnishing. Basically now star hotels, high-grade clubs, high-grade villas and other metal screens have basically been standard.

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What kind of screen is beyond your imagination well, metal partition, lie between and continuously is the highest realm, who says screen will behave, “isolation” is a very flexible space feeling, partition and one side wall of the difference is very big, so the adornment sex of partition is very strong, not only in terms of disassembly is convenient, but also can achieve a very good adornment effect. Metal screen in the visual, will have a relatively heavy feeling, but will give people a sense of gravity.

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