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HOTIGOLD kitchen stainless steel sheet has excellent performance and can be used for kitchen wall decoration and protection, and can also be used for the manufacture of kitchen appliance shells, or for kitchen stove tops.

HOTIGOLD’s kitchen stainless steel sheet is made of high-quality stainless steel raw materials. After our series of process treatment, the performance of anti-oil stain and scratch resistance has been significantly improved. Especially suitable for catering kitchen use. According to customer applications and requirements, HOTIGOLD provides comprehensive custom designs, you just need to send us your custom specifications and get an instant quote.

kitchen stainless steel sheet series

kitchen stainless steel sheet performance

At the beginning of the development of HOTIGOLD kitchen stainless steel sheet, the anti-fouling and anti-scratch performance of stainless steel sheet was specially strengthened for the kitchen use scene.

Through the special PVD coating, the anti-fouling ability of the kitchen stainless steel sheet is further strengthened.

HOTIGOLD’s kitchen stainless steel sheets are also very resistant to moisture and mildew.

kitchen stainless steel sheet performance
finishes you can choose

Finishes you can choose

The choice of finishes for kitchen stainless steel sheets is no different from other series of stainless steel sheets. Please refer to our product page for specific finishes.

Here, we recommend that the kitchen stainless steel plate try to choose the finishes that are easy to clean, such as mirror series, brushed series, sandblasting series, vibration series, etc.

kitchen stainless steel sheet material grade

The choice of raw material grades for kitchen stainless steel sheet is mainly stainless steel 304 and 316 grades. Because the working scene of the kitchen will involve factors such as food safety, we do not recommend choosing grade 201 stainless steel. One is that the performance of 201 stainless steel does not meet the usage scene, and the other is that it does not meet the food-grade requirements.

Grade 304 stainless steel is the most cost-effective, and for some high-end commercial kitchens, grade 316 stainless steel is the best. You can choose according to actual use requirements, or contact us for advice.

kitchen stainless steel sheet material grade

Application scene of kitchen stainless steel sheet

With the use of more and more kitchen stainless steel sheet, food safety, kitchen cleanliness, safety factor and other aspects have been greatly improved. People’s favor for stainless steel sheet has also increased, and HOTIGOLD will continue to upgrade products in the future to provide kitchen stainless steel sheet products with reliable quality.

Core manufacturing process of kitchen stainless steel sheet

Bead Blasted process

After this process, the stainless steel sheet has a frosted feel

Brushed process

The brushed process gives the stainless steel sheet a sense of hierarchy

More application examples

stainless steel Screen

Kitchen Stainless Wall Panel

Stainless Steel Ceiling

PVD color stainless steel sheet

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Kitchen utensils are related to food safety, and the materials used are usually food-grade. Therefore, it is very necessary to use stainless steel plates for kitchens made of stainless steel above 304 grades.


Even in certain circumstances, stainless steel materials of grade 316 or above will be considered. For example, some commercial high-end kitchens will consider using stainless steel plates of grade 316 in order to achieve the relevant safety level.


In terms of performance, kitchen stainless steel sheets should also enhance their surface properties, such as oil-proof, rust-proof and mildew-proof, which are usually coated with PVD coating.


Kitchen stainless steel sheet are sometimes used to manufacture kitchen appliance shells, so stainless steel materials of grade 304 or above should be used because of their good processing performance, good metal toughness, and not easy to deform.

At present, the most commonly used finishes for kitchen stainless steel sheet are brushed, hairline, vibration, mirror and sandblasting. Other series of finishes are less suitable for use in kitchen environments.


A smooth surface and a flat finish are more suitable for use in the kitchen, so the finishes listed above are all flat and smooth. In particular, the brushed and sandblasted series are used the most. We also recommend it. And in terms of material, it is also recommended to choose stainless steel of grade 304 or above.

We recommend choosing between 1.2-1.5mm for the thickness of the kitchen stainless steel plate. The thickness is too thin, affecting daily use, poor puncture resistance and easy to deform. Therefore, it is recommended to customize the thickness range between the above parameters to be the most appropriate.


There are many kitchen stainless steel plates with a thickness of 0.8-1.2mm in the industry. In fact, we do not recommend choosing them, as they are easily deformed and can have a bad effect on the kitchen. However, if the thickness is too thick, it will not only increase the procurement cost, but also cause performance waste. Therefore, after our HOTIGOLD's long-term market investigation and laboratory data, the kitchen stainless steel plate with a thickness of 1.2-1.5mm is the most cost-effective and reasonable.