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About Vibration stainless steel sheet

Produced with high quality stainless steel base material from big brands.The industry’s most advanced high-speed vibration equipment.The vibrating finish is smooth and even.The surface of the sheet is not scratched,and the yield rate is extremely high.

  • Available in premium 200/300/400 grade stainless steel options.
  • Various surface colors are available.
  • Custom sizes and sheet thicknesses are available.
about vibration stainless steel sheet

Wide Custom Options for Your Vibration Stainless Steel Sheet


We offer the option of producing vibration stainless steel sheets in different sizes to ensure you get a sheet product that can be used accurately.


You can consider multiple color options, which will help you better position yourself in the market and bring some unique products.


We provide the production of vibration stainless steel sheets of different thicknesses to help you solve the actual use of sheet products of different thicknesses.


According to your actual use needs, provide different sheet finish options. We offer different finish options to ensure you get the right fit for your needs.

Why choose HOTIGOLD's Vibration stainless steel sheet

Comprehensive custom service. Product quality has passed ISO 9001 certification. One of the top three color stainless steel sheet suppliers in China.

Color vibration stainless steel sheet

After the PVD vacuum plating process,the vibration stainless steel plate is plated with color.The color film layer is bright in color,high in smoothness,strong in adhesion,wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.

  • Adopt PVD vacuum plating process.The color film has strong adhesion and durability.
  • Anti-fingerprint coating is optional on the surface.Oil and scratch resistant.
color vibration stainless steel sheet

more color vibration stainless steel sheet

As a professional color stainless steel sheet manufacturer,HOTIGOLD produces multi-color vibration stainless steel sheets.Also supports customizing any surface color you need.

Our Clients - Strategic Partners

Our customers and our suppliers.And HOTIGOLD to maintain a long-term strategic partnership.

More Finish Stainless Steel Sheet

HOTIGOLD has color stainless steel sheet products with multiple finishes. In addition to the vibration series,there are mirror,bead blasted,etched,embossed and antique series.

General Parameters And Customizable

In addition to offering standard sizes of stainless steel sheets, customization is possible in thicknesses, widths and lengths.