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stainless steel partition professional manufacturer in China

HOTIGOLD specializes in manufacturing color stainless steel partitions.

You can customize partition finishes, patterns and colors.

Quality stainless steel partition Manufacturer

Through HOTIGOLD’s professional technical team and advanced production equipment, the quality of stainless steel partitions produced fully meets international standards.

Also, we can customize stainless steel partitions according to your product requirements. Includes finishes, sizes and colors.

quality stainless steel partition manufacturer

Stainless steel partition application series

stainless steel bathroom partition

Stainless steel bathroom partitions produced by HOTIGOLD are made of high-quality 304 grade stainless steel. After special processing, it is anti-rust and anti-mildew.

stainless steel bathroom partition
stainless steel toilet partition

stainless steel toilet partition

On the basis of producing stainless steel bathroom partitions, HOTIGOLD expands production and develops stainless steel partition products for toilet.

Stainless Steel Privacy Partition

Stainless steel privacy partitions are mostly used in commercial places. There are many styles of stainless steel privacy partitions produced by HOTIGOLD, and the quality meets the standard of use.

stainless steel privacy partition

HOTIGOLD Custom stainless steel partition for Your Project

HOTIGOLD produces a variety of stainless steel partition products, and the product quality is strictly controlled. Implement ISO 9001 quality standards. Made of high-quality stainless steel. Stick to quality products available at great prices.

Our stainless steel partitions are mainly divided into stainless steel bathroom partitions, stainless steel toilet partitions, stainless steel privacy partitions and stainless steel screens and other series. Suitable for use in various places, such as hotels, airports, subway stations and clubs.

At the same time, we provide a full range of customized services for stainless steel partitions. Design and manufacture products suitable for use according to your product requirements.

HOTIGOLD also provides OEM&ODM services. In the past ten years, HOTIGOLD has provided OEM services for many brands. So, you can rest assured in terms of product quality.

Other stainless steel sheet series

The Definitive FAQ Guide to Stainless Steel Partition

Yes. We can carry out anti-fingerprint coating process for stainless steel partition products according to your actual use environment.

Our experienced engineering and technical team will provide real-time feedback on the feasibility of product design and production according to your requirements.

Under normal circumstances, our stainless steel partitions will be made of 304 grade stainless steel. According to our long-standing production technology experience, combined with practical application tests, 304 grade stainless steel partitions can already meet most of the use environments.

Of course, you can choose a more advanced stainless steel of 316 or above according to your own needs. Such stainless steel partition products will be more durable.


We do not recommend using 201 stainless steel partitions. Because the performance of 201 material is too different from that of 304 or 316, its performance in acid and alkali resistance, rust resistance and other aspects cannot meet the requirements for use.

Our stainless steel partition products are all produced with our color stainless steel sheet as the base material. Therefore, in theory, the finishes of our stainless steel partition products can be selected as follows: mirror, brushed, sandblasted, vibrated and etched, etc.(Learn more about color stainless steel sheet products)


Our customers prefer mirror series stainless steel partitions, brushed series stainless steel partitions and vibration series stainless steel partitions.

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