The industry's top quality stainless steel wall panel suppliers

Wall panel applications are one of the most important uses of stainless steel sheet.

HOTIGOLD manufactures only the highest quality stainless steel wall panel.

Provide the most comprehensive stainless steel wall panel solution

HOTIGOLD customizes stainless steel wall panels that meet the use environment according to the actual needs of customers. Provide reasonable custom solutions, provide very competitive prices and the most reliable product quality.

Customize the special finish effect for stainless steel wall panels, select the appropriate grade of stainless steel raw materials, and provide the best quality stainless steel wall panel products within the customer’s cost budget. You only need to tell us your application scenarios and custom parameters, leave other things to us, and then wait for the receipt. It’s that simple.

As for packaging and transportation, you don’t have to worry about it. For each batch of stainless steel wall panels, we will carry out quality inspection and random inspection, and strictly implement the ISO 9001 quality system process. We will also provide different packaging methods according to the product size and transportation method, usually using wooden bracket packaging, plastic bracket packaging and metal bracket packaging, etc., and adopt strict packaging methods to ensure safe transportation. We will also provide real-time feedback on the relevant process and deliver it to you for supervision.

Custom stainless steel wall panel size

HOTIGOLD can handle orders for stainless steel wall panels of any size. At the same time, we will also propose reasonable customization parameters for your reference. There are relevant general customization standards in the industry for the size of stainless steel wall panels.

For the size, especially the thickness, of the stainless steel wall panel, it is generally better to be less than 5mm. If the customized thickness is too large, it will affect the processing performance of the product. In view of this, we usually also recommend that the customized thickness parameters be controlled within 5mm.

custom stainless steel wall panel size
custom stainless steel wall panel color

Custom stainless steel wall panel color

Provide all color customization services, yes, you can customize any color for your stainless steel wall panel, through our advanced painting or PVD coating process, you can complete your customized needs excellently.

Or you can contact us for electronic product photo albums, refer to those colors that are popular with customers. Such as rose gold, silver, titanium gold, bronze and so on.

Custom stainless steel wall panel Finishes

Like other stainless steel sheet series, stainless steel wall panels can be customized in a variety of finishes.

You can refer to our range of popular decorative stainless steel sheets and highest decorative decorative stainless steel sheets.The most important thing is that you need to choose the appropriate finishing effect according to the actual application scenario. Of course, our professional account manager will also make relevant and reasonable suggestions.

Among them, the most popular finishes are probably the following: mirror, sandblasted, brushed, water ripple, honeycomb and embossing.

custom stainless steel wall panel finishes

Practical application of stainless steel wall panel

HOTIGOLD’s stainless steel wall panels are not afraid of environmental impact, whether they are used outdoors or indoors. On the basis of stainless steel wall panels, we have once again developed kitchen stainless steel sheet for kitchen, as well as stainless steel ceilings.

Core manufacturing process of stainless steel wall panel

Anti-fingerprint process

Endows stainless steel with anti-fingerprint and anti-oil properties

PVD Vacuum Coating

Stainless steel sheet coating process, uniform color film coating, strong scratch resistance and weather resistance(Learn More)

More application examples

stainless steel Screen

Kitchen Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless Steel Ceiling

PVD color stainless steel sheet

FAQs about Stainless Steel Wall Panels

In theory, stainless steel wall panel is also a kind of stainless steel sheet, and there is no obvious difference between HOTIGOLD's conventional stainless steel sheet and wallboard in terms of technical process.


It's just that stainless steel wall panels need to be customized according to the actual process due to different application scenarios. For outdoor applications, it is necessary to strengthen its surface performance, and for indoor applications, anti-fingerprint, anti-oil pollution and other properties must be considered.


Stainless steel wall panels are often only used to distinguish application scenarios. If the performance meets the requirements of the application scenarios, stainless steel wall panels can also be called the names of other panels.

High-quality stainless steel wall panels should be suitable for outdoor use. HOTIGOLD's stainless steel wall panels use high-quality stainless steel raw materials and advanced manufacturing technology, so that the produced wall panels can still be used safely even in harsh outdoor environments.


For some stainless steel wall panels, we will carry out PVD vacuum coating process to form a strict protective layer on the surface of the wall panels, which is not only bright in color, but also more protective.

Our stainless steel wall panel is already well protected by related processes, but the right paint coating can also add to its protection.

So, if possible, you can choose any color of enamel or powder coating.

The enamel paint has a glossy finish that resists different weather conditions and protects the stainless steel sheet from the weather. Specific enamel coatings, such as epoxy enamel and PU enamel, are often used in industrial stainless steel metal enclosures due to their corrosion resistance.

Powder coatings are deposited by electrostatic forces, which are faster, stickier and easier to dry than enamel coatings. Its surface appearance is also more flexible, giving you glossy and matte finishes.