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As one of the largest manufacturers of popular decorative stainless steel sheets in China, HOTIGOLD can provide you with the most reliable stainless steel sheet products for any decorative project.

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professional Stainless steel Decorative sheet Manufacturer

Popular decorative stainless steel sheet is one of HOTIGOLD’s flagship product line. This has been the case since the establishment of HOTIGOLD. After nearly 10 years of technology accumulation, the production process has become more and more advanced, and customers are very fond of this series of products.

Popular decorative stainless steel plate provides a variety of material options, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and 30 stainless steel.

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Decorative Stainless steel sheet series

Why HOTIGOLD can manufacture high quality stainless steel sheet?

With 12 years of experience in stainless steel sheet industry manufacturing and insisting on using high-quality stainless steel raw materials, HOTIGOLD always has a large number of SS201, SS304, SS316 and SS430 raw materials in stock.

Technical team with many years of industry experience and advanced production equipment. Strictly implement the quality standards of ISO 9001, SGS and NSF. The process of each step is strictly controlled, and the perfect product is pursued.

HOTIGOLD’s stainless steel sheet can achieve consistent surface gloss, consistent texture and consistent smoothness.

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HOTIGOLD stainless steel sheet properties

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High specularity like mirror

HOTIGOLD’s breakthrough combination of grinding and polishing makes the surface of the stainless steel sheet as bright as a mirror.

The two processes are divided into more than ten processes such as rough grinding, semi-fine grinding, fine grinding, polishing and waxing. Every step of the process must be strictly controlled. Our experienced technicians cooperate with advanced production equipment to finally produce mirror stainless steel products.


Anti-fingerprint stainless steel sheet is a special product of HOTIGOLD. A layer of transparent film is coated on the surface of the stainless steel plate to protect the metal surface from being easily scratched.

It has super anti-fouling and anti-corrosion ability. The anti-fingerprint stainless steel sheet changes the cold and rigid characteristics of metal, and looks warm, elegant and decorative.

HOTIGOLD’s anti-fingerprint stainless steel plate has excellent anti-fingerprint and anti-rust properties. It forms a protective film on the metal surface, which can effectively prevent the corrosion of the metal from the outside, and greatly prolong the service life.

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Extra long service life

Some series of products use a special PVD coating process to form a layer of metal hard coating on the surface of the stainless steel sheet to protect it from external corrosive substances.

HOTIGOLD has an advanced large-scale PVD coating machine, which makes our PVD coating process advanced in the same industry. The surface coating of the steel plate is uniform and the thickness is consistent. The texture and gloss are the best.

Professional PVD coating process technicians are waiting on duty to ensure flawless product quality.

SS decorative sheets manufacturing process Overview

All-round SS decorative sheet custom service

custom color

In order to greatly improve the ornamental and commercial value of decorative stainless steel sheet, we provide customized services in various colors of the surface.

At present, our non-customized decorative stainless steel sheet also have a variety of surface color options. You can use existing products as a reference to customize a personalized surface color.

The most customized colors for our customers are: champagne gold, rose gold, copper, silver, etc.

custom surface

The surface effect of the decorative stainless steel sheet can also have a variety of styles. We have advanced surface treatment technology and can customize a variety of texture effects.

Taking our existing products as an example, the surface effects of decorative stainless steel sheet include mirror surface, wire drawing, sandblasting, electroplating, 3D embossing, hairline, etc.

HOTIGOLD’s surface treatment technology is very popular with customers. Contact us to customise a personalised finish.

custom size

custom size

Customized decorative stainless steel sheet of different sizes are also an important part of personalized service.

We theoretically support custom size range, the length is between 100-9000mm and the width is between 100-2000mm. Decorative stainless steel sheet within the above size range are sufficient for all usage scenarios.

Of course, we also provide common sizes for your reference, such as 1000*2000mm, 1219*2438mm, 1219*3048mm, 1219*4000mm, etc.

Why HOTIGOLD is trusted by many global brands

Wide application

Certification System

Wide range of applications

ceiling decoration


The ceiling is decorated with stainless steel sheet, which is beautiful and practical

wall sheet decoration

Luxury stores

Use stainless steel sheet decoration to improve the grade and have great commercial value

billboard decoration

Outdoor Billboard

Outdoor billboard in stainless steel sheet, long service life and good weather resistance

electrical enclosure

electrical enclosure

Using stainless steel sheet shell, corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant

screen partition

screen partition

Simple and beautiful, simple daily maintenance, durable

medical equipment

medical equipment

Made of food-grade stainless steel, safe and healthy, in line with standards

First-class hardware facilities
excellent customer service

Flagship product series

Popular Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet Series

Highest Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet Series

3D embossed stainless steel sheet Series

Ultimate FAQ Guide to stainless steel decorative sheet wholesale and custom

Performance parameters of stainless steel decorative sheet

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HOTIGOLD’s decorative stainless steel sheets have some characteristics that ordinary stainless steel sheets do not have.

Anti-fingerprint: In daily use, it will not leave fingerprints or body oil even when touched by hand.

8k mirror surface: Through specific polishing equipment, the surface characteristics comparable to a mirror are polished, and it is bright.

Long service life: Using high-quality stainless steel raw materials, through strict production process, the quality of stainless steel sheet is guaranteed. Very durable.

Strong anti-fouling ability: Some decorative stainless steel sheet will be coated with the necessary PVD coating on the surface, which can effectively enhance its anti-fouling and anti-rust ability while taking into account the decoration.

Specific application fields of stainless steel decorative sheet

Generally speaking, decorative stainless steel sheets can be used in the following fields:

Wall decoration: Hotel walls, home walls, building exterior walls, etc. can use decorative stainless steel sheet.

Screen partition: For some spaces with privacy, decorative stainless steel sheet can be used as shields to play the effect of screens.

Ceiling decoration: Hotel halls, supermarkets, offices and other ceilings are very suitable for the use of decorative stainless steel panels. Durable, rust-proof, rich in surface effects, very ornamental.

Special wall sheet for kitchen: Due to the serious oil fume in the kitchen, it is very necessary to use stainless steel sheet as a protective tool for the wall. Because the anti-fouling and anti-rust ability of stainless steel sheet is outstanding, especially our HOTIGOLD stainless steel sheet products, can fully meet the use of kitchen wall sheet.

What is the difference between different types of stainless steel?

First of all, stainless steel is an alloy that has specific qualities due to its different metal content.

The blend of stainless steel 304 contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This makes it resistant to oxidation, rust, and is very durable. 304 stainless steel does not have many restrictions on where it is used. because of its excellent performance.

316 stainless steel is lower in chromium, higher in nickel, and contains an element called molybdenum. This alloy is the most corrosion-resistant alloy, with excellent resistance to chlorine and salt. This is why it is commonly used in offshore, marine and washdown applications. There is also greater demand for molybdenum in the pharmaceutical industry because molybdenum helps avoid metal contamination.

430 stainless steel is a general purpose steel with good corrosion resistance. Its thermal conductivity is better than that of austenitic stainless steel. It is also called 18/0 or 18-0 due to its chromium content. Compared with 18/8 and 18/10, the chromium content is slightly less, and the hardness is correspondingly reduced.

Finally, 201 stainless steel is characterized by a very low nickel content, which is why it is cheap. However, it is not corrosion resistant, so this stainless steel sheet product is not suitable for outdoor applications.

All of these belong to the austenite family, which are non-magnetic metals that can be welded at any temperature.

The series can be divided into 2 series: 300 and 200. You can’t tell all of these steels apart just by looking at them.

Therefore, you need to check the manufacturer’s report to ensure that the correct type of stainless steel is used. To choose a type or grade of stainless steel, consider the qualities you need and start there. You can also contact us for consultation!

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What are the advantages of decorative stainless steel sheet?

Easy to clean: In daily maintenance, stainless steel sheet is very easy to clean and maintain. No need to use other cleaners, just wipe gently with a normal cleaning towel. Reduce post-maintenance costs.

Ornamental: Too single wall is very lacking in viewing for commercial places. Decorative stainless steel sheet have many surface effects and textures, which are of great commercial value, especially in some luxury shopping malls and high-end hotels, and more need to use decorative stainless steel sheet to improve the grade.

Anti-fouling and anti-mildew: stainless steel sheet has strong anti-fouling ability, just like our HOTIGOLD decorative stainless steel sheet, it is anti-fouling and anti-fingerprint function. Unlike other decorative materials that will mold after being used for a long time, stainless steel is superior in mold resistance. Even if it is used outdoors, it is not afraid of wind and rain erosion.

Highly customized: Compared with traditional decorative materials, stainless steel sheet has highly customized characteristics. Sizes, colors, finishes, textures and more can all be customized. To achieve the perfect embodiment of the most personalized.

What is the general thickness of decorative stainless steel sheet?

Generally, the thickness of decorative stainless steel sheet is controlled between 0.3mm-5.0mm. If the thickness is too thin, the related performance will be degraded, which is not conducive to daily use. If the thickness is too thick, it will increase the purchase cost, and it is not conducive to later installation and use. Therefore, you should fully consider your own usage scenarios and decide the thickness of the stainless steel plate. For doubts in this regard, you can contact us for consultation.

What corrosive chemicals can decorative stainless steel sheets protect against?

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Stainless steel sheet has excellent corrosion resistance, such as some harmful chemicals, including sulfuric acid at high temperature, various chlorides, bromides, iodides and fatty acids.

All of these may exist in everyday use and other industrial applications.

These include heavily oiled kitchens, laboratories, and outdoor buildings. Therefore, it is necessary to use stainless steel sheet.

What is the daily maintenance of stainless steel decorative sheet?

The daily maintenance of decorative stainless steel sheet is very simple and does not require additional labor costs, but there are some points that need to be paid attention to.

1. Avoid sharp objects contacting the surface, especially objects with higher hardness than stainless steel, which can easily scratch the stainless steel sheet. For example, glass objects, other objects containing quartz components, etc.

2. Prevent the dumping of strong corrosive chemical liquids. Although stainless steel has the ability to prevent corrosion, some strong corrosive acidic and alkaline substances can cause irreversible damage to stainless steel.

3.Do not use sandpaper or other wiping tools to rub the surface of the stainless steel sheet. If it is used for a long time, the surface gloss of the stainless steel sheet is dull, you can use some polishing cloth to wipe it gently.

What do custom stainless steel decorative sheet need to provide?

To customize the decorative stainless steel sheet, generally need to provide the following related materials:

1. The thickness of the stainless steel sheet. The process parameters of different thicknesses are different, and the cost is also different.

2. The size of the stainless steel sheet. What is the length? What is the width? Of course, we HOTIGOLD provide regular size as a reference, you can contact us to get it.

3. Surface effects, decorative stainless steel sheet can be customized with a lot of surface effects, such as mirror, frosted, brushed, sandblasted, etc. If you don’t know how many surface effects can be customized, you can refer to our stainless steel sheet products, there are many texture expressions.

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