Leading stainless steel sheet OEM&ODM service manufacturer

In addition to producing its own brand of stainless steel sheet products, HOTIGOLD also provides OEM&ODM services for other brands.

Perfect production line, strict quality control system, abide by the spirit of business cooperation

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Professional OEM&ODM service provider

Since the establishment of HOTIGOLD, we have been paying attention to the OEM&ODM service system. While constantly improving our own brand products, we use our own unique technology to provide OEM & ODM services, and have won the trust of many global brands.Provide high-quality color stainless steel sheet products for many brands.

Advanced technology, professional service system, strict quality control, and cooperation with many well-known brands. There are many OTIS, KONE, TOSHIBA, SASCO, FUJITEC and so on. HOTIGOLD has been serving major brands in the spirit of abiding by business contracts and maintaining long-term and stable business cooperation. Make full use of its own advantages and develop the blue ocean of the global OEM&ODM market.

oem odm service provider

Have OEM&ODM high-quality product series

Why HOTIGOLD can manufacture high quality stainless steel sheet?

With 12 years of experience in stainless steel sheet industry manufacturing and insisting on using high-quality stainless steel raw materials, HOTIGOLD always has a large number of SS201, SS304, SS316 and SS430 raw materials in stock.

Technical team with many years of industry experience and advanced production equipment. Strictly implement the quality standards of ISO 9001, SGS and NSF. The process of each step is strictly controlled, and the perfect product is pursued.

HOTIGOLD’s stainless steel sheet can achieve consistent surface gloss, consistent texture and consistent smoothness.

high quality stainless steel sheet

Why choose HOTIGOLD's OEM&ODM service

perfect product production line

Perfect product production line

HOTIGOLD has the most complete stainless steel sheet and trim line in the industry. It has 250+ products independently developed and strictly implements the ISO 9001 quality system.

Popular decorative stainless steel sheet series
Highest decorative stainless steel sheet series
3D embossed stainless steel sheet series
Elevator decorative stainless steel sheet series
Custom product series
The above product series basically cover all stainless steel sheet products in the industry. Of course, if you have a better product design idea, feel free to contact us for customization.

Professional technical support

HOTIGOLD has the most advanced manufacturing capabilities in the industry, from raw material procurement to manufacturing, to delivery to customers, a one-stop solution for the whole process, and the production process can be traced and supervised.

Stainless Steel Sheet Laser Cutting
Stainless Steel Sheet Bending
Stainless Steel Sheet Polishing
Stainless Steel Sheet PVD Coating

Strong manufacturing capacity and advanced production equipment are the core elements to ensure product quality.

professional technical support
perfect customer service system

Perfect customer service system

HOTIGOLD’s professional customer service team, 24/7 online support. Quick service response, the first time to deal with customer problems.

Implement a 1-hour reply mechanism, from receiving customer information to replying to customers, within 1 hour. Offline to provide real-time reception service to the factory, welcome customers or brand owners to visit the factory at any time.

1 to 1 quick answer to customer inquiries, free sample service, 1-3 days quick proofing, minimum order quantity, very competitive product prices.Contact now

Fully traceable manufacturing process

Why HOTIGOLD is trusted by many global brands

Wide application

Certification System

Wide range of applications

ceiling decoration


The ceiling is decorated with stainless steel sheet, which is beautiful and practical

wall sheet decoration

Luxury stores

Use stainless steel sheet decoration to improve the grade and have great commercial value

billboard decoration

Outdoor Billboard

Outdoor billboard in stainless steel sheet, long service life and good weather resistance

electrical enclosure

electrical enclosure

Using stainless steel sheet shell, corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant

screen partition

screen partition

Simple and beautiful, simple daily maintenance, durable

medical equipment

medical equipment

Made of food-grade stainless steel, safe and healthy, in line with standards

First-Class Hardware Facilities
excellent customer service

HOTIGOLD Flagship product series

Popular Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet Series

Highest Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet Series

3D Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet Series

FAQ guide about OEM&ODM service

How to guarantee the product quality of OEM&ODM?

how to guarantee the product quality of oemodm

HOTIGOLD adheres to the service principle of fairness, professionalism and contract spirit, and treats individual customers and brand owners equally. Make full use of its own technology to serve global customers.

Strictly implement ISO 9001 quality system
All products strictly implement the ISO 9001 quality certification system. HOTIGOLD will provide relevant qualification verification when we start OEM&ODM service cooperation with brand owners. Carry out relevant technical quality production according to the requirements of brand owners.

The production process can be traced back and jointly supervised
For each step of the production process, we will provide relevant videos or record them in the form of pictures and send them to the brand. At the same time, if the brand owner has specific needs, we will also make adjustments as needed to ensure the joint supervision of product quality by both parties.

Customized product packaging
According to transportation needs, HOTIGOLD carries out different package transportation for each batch of products, and strives to ensure that product damage is reduced or completely avoided during transportation. And video records of key points such as packaging, loading, and delivery are recorded throughout the process.

For further details, please contact us for consultation.

Worry about product design leaks during OEM&ODM process

Once again, HOTIGOLD abides by the spirit of business contracts.

HOTIGOLD respects intellectual property rights very much, and will fully ensure that your product design, product parameter specifications, etc. will not be leaked.

We absolutely do not disclose your product details to other customers, nor do we advertise your products on our website, magazines or exhibitions.

When you send us a willingness to cooperate, or seek us for OEM&ODM services, we can sign an NDA agreement with you after our mutual agreement.

What is OEM&ODM service?

OEM means that brand producers do not directly produce products, but use their own “key core technologies” to design and develop new products and control sales “channels”, but the production capacity is limited, and there are even no workshops, production lines, employees, etc. , in order to increase production and sales, gain market time, and reduce the risk of product renewal and iteration, entrust other manufacturers of similar products to produce through contract ordering, and directly affix their own brand trademarks after the ordered products are bought out at a low price.

ODM means that after a manufacturer designs a product, in some cases, it may be seen by other companies, requiring it to be produced with the latter’s brand name, or to slightly modify the original design and then go online for production. Among them, manufacturers who undertake design and manufacturing business are called ODM manufacturers, and the products they produce are ODM products.

The above brief description comes from the Internet literature.

For HOTIGOLD, regardless of OEM&ODM, we are all manufacturers. Strictly speaking, OEM&ODM is the definition of brand owners. Our main responsibility is to produce products and produce stainless steel sheet products that meet the requirements of brand owners. It’s that simple.

inspection services

Support third-party agencies or brand manufacturers' factory inspection services

HOTIGOLD welcomes customers or brand owners to visit our factory, because this is a good proof of the strength of the factory. Especially when customers or brand owners come in person, we will provide the best service experience.

HOTIGOLD has the most advanced production equipment, the most professional technical team, and the most complete production process in the industry. We also look forward to industry brand owners to visit and guide the work, and to discuss the production details of related products.

Support online and offline factory inspection services, determine the start of business cooperation, and relevant qualifications required by brand owners, HOTIGOLD will provide them one after another.

When providing OEM & ODM services, can additional products be manufactured beyond existing products?

OEM&ODM products are actually similar to custom products, and of course additional products can be manufactured beyond the existing product line.

Mainly you provide the relevant product design proposal, product specifications and processing requirements, HOTIGOLD will analyze the feasibility of product production according to the demand, and then make relevant modification suggestions. Of course, this is the work that is carried out with you. After you and I finally implement the production plan, HOTIGOLD will strictly implement the production process, manufacture the stainless steel sheet or trim products you need, and ensure that the quality meets the standards.

How to ensure the safety of products during transportation?

product delivery

HOTIGOLD pays great attention to the delivery of customers’ products, and fully considers and formulates relevant package-earning transportation policies according to factors such as transportation distance, transportation method and customer cost budget.

In the absence of specific packaging requirements from customers, we usually use sea-resistant wood packaging, metal bracket packaging, metal bracket + wood packaging, plastic packaging, etc. to ensure that products are not damaged during transportation.

If customers or brands have specific requirements for product packaging, HOTIGOLD will make changes as needed, pack the products in the prescribed packaging method, and then record the entire process with video and graphics, and send the relevant records to customers beforehand. Supervision to ensure that the goods are carried out according to the customer’s requirements.

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