High Precision Bending for Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless Steel Sheet Bending

Faced with the growing demand for custom stainless steel sheets, at the same time, there are many different needs for the shape of stainless steel sheets. The sheet metal bending process is one of these techniques used to make different stainless steel sheet shapes.

Technically speaking, stainless steel sheet bending is the process of deforming a specific metal by applying force to it. The stainless steel sheet is thus bent at a specific angle to form the desired shape.

HOTIGOLD offers a wide range of stainless steel sheet bending solutions to form different sizes and shapes. We use different bending equipment, professional technicians and strict quality processes to ensure that the bending process is simple and efficient.

We usually just change the external characteristics of the stainless steel sheet, but keep parameters such as its length and thickness. It does not affect the size and thickness of customized stainless steel sheets.

Stainless Steel Sheet Bending

Types Of HOTIGOLD Stainless Steel Sheet Bending

The types of bends that HOTIGOLD often uses are as follows:

Using the power provided by the air compressor, it is used to bend the stainless steel sheet.

Typically, we use this type of press brake for stainless steel sheets that require less pressure. It is an ideal choice when dealing with relatively small bends in stainless steel sheets.

The working principle is similar to that of a pneumatic press brake, and it can be designed to be suitable for a press brake powered by an air compressor, making it suitable for air bending. The main benefit of this option is that it provides accuracy and speed.

This type of bending machine adopts advanced hydraulic technology, and at the same time, has a synchronous positioning system to ensure high-precision bending of stainless steel sheets. It is currently the most cost-effective bending machine equipment. Its bending data is correct and the speed is relatively fast, which is very suitable for the bending needs of medium and large stainless steel sheets.

CNC bending machine:
The most advanced bending machine equipment at present, it uses highly advanced CNC technology to bend stainless steel sheets into different shapes. Moreover, the processing speed is fast, the precision is high, and the fully automated production can greatly reduce labor costs and improve product bending quality.

CNC bending machines use computerized software to perform high-precision controlled bending, which is very important because it guarantees accuracy, speed, safety and efficiency.

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Bending process

Bending method of stainless steel sheet

Typically, the process of bending stainless steel sheets is relatively similar. The ultimate goal is to transform the structure of a specific sheet into the desired form. However, the bending process tends to vary in operation.

At HOTIGOLD, our professional technicians have many years of experience in bending stainless steel sheets, and they understand the pressures, allowances and related operating steps required for each bending angle. For example sheet thickness, bend dimensions and intended stainless steel sheet design.

Some of the core methods we commonly use to bend different stainless steel sheets include:

Right Angle Bend:
It is one of the common bending techniques HOTIGOLD uses for various stainless steel sheet bending projects. The process involves the use of punches and right-angle dies to bend the sheet metal to the desired angle. The angle formed by the stainless steel sheet metal depends on the pressure point of the punch. Hence, it makes the process simple and efficient.

Rounded corners:
This bending process involves hydraulic presses, bending machines and roller sets to make different curved or large curved stainless steel sheets. Roll bending is ideal for making smoothly curved stainless steel sheets because it uses the distance between the rollers to create bends and curves.

In principle, U-bends are similar to right-angle bends in that they use similar instruments, albeit with different configurations. U-Bending uses a U-shaped mold to form a U-shaped electrical enclosure and associated components.

Wipe Bend:
HOTIGOLD uses wipe bends to sand the edges of stainless steel sheets. Makes the edges smooth without burrs and without scratching hands. Of course, this bending technology attaches great importance to the mold design, and we HOTIGOLD independently designed the wipe bending mold with years of experience in the bending process. The wipe die also determines the inner radius of the stainless steel sheet bend.

HOTIGOLD is the best manufacturer of stainless steel sheet bending solutions

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HOTIGOLD as a leading stainless steel sheet manufacturer. Some of the technical craftsmanship we master is different from other manufacturers, here are some of the reasons that make us the best leader in the industry:

Time cost – At HOTIGOLD, we choose the corresponding processing process according to the different stainless steel sheets customized by customers, such as which bending process will be better and faster to complete the order, this is one of the factors we consider. This is crucial as it allows you to reduce costs as we provide the best possible bending process for your stainless steel sheet products. Also offers the fastest delivery.

Consistent Product Quality – Our stainless steel sheet bending process provides high accuracy, accurate product dimensions, and exactly meets customer needs. We pay great attention to the daily maintenance of production equipment. No matter how long the equipment is used, after our daily use, maintenance and maintenance, we can always process and produce quickly and accurately, and ensure that the product quality is as good as ever.

Strong bending ability – regardless of the order quantity, we HOTIGOLD can guarantee the order production speed, because we have multiple bending equipment, and our technicians are very experienced in all aspects of stainless steel sheet bending, guaranteeing production speed At the same time strictly control the product quality.

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