Anti-fingerprint process of stainless steel sheet

Anti-fingerprint process of HOTIGOLD stainless steel sheet

HOTIGOLD adopts the most advanced nano-coating anti-fingerprint technology, because the traditional anti-fingerprint processing technology (polishing, wire drawing, etc.) not only has low production efficiency, poor forming quality, but also serious pollution. The surface coating of the sheet is uneven.

Anti-fingerprint stainless steel sheet refers to a protective layer coated with a transparent colorless to pale yellow liquid on the surface of stainless steel. After drying, the transparent nano metal roller coating solution is firmly combined with the stainless steel surface of various textures to form a transparent, hard and solid protective film layer.

Anti-fingerprint process

Anti-fingerprint effect of stainless steel sheet

HOTIGOLD’s anti-fingerprint stainless steel sheet adopts advanced nano-coating technology, which significantly improves the anti-fingerprint effect. Its main purpose is to prevent people from leaving fingerprints on the surface of these plates, so as not to stain the surface with oil, sweat, dust, etc. to tarnish the surface.

The anti-fingerprint process has changed the previous problem of leaving obvious fingerprints when the surface of the stainless steel sheet is touched. Also, the anti-fingerprint process can make the surface gloss of the colored stainless steel more durable and lasting, reducing the time for daily maintenance.

Anti-fingerprint stainless steel sheet has the following daily use effects:

  • Effectively prevent stainless steel sheet materials from rusting in special environments (marine, petroleum, chemical, high pollution).
  • Effectively prevent production defects such as fingerprints, oil stains, spots, and scratches generated during processing.
  • It can be colored to replace the high pollution processing items such as antique and titanium plating, and can meet the same requirements.
  • It can make the stainless steel sheet show the luster of the metal itself, without the effect of resin coating.
  • The anti-fingerprint film is thin and has a certain gloss effect. It does not stick to fingerprints, dust, and feels fine.
  • Excellent weather resistance, not easy to yellow, not easy to peel, not easy to pulverize, and hard film is not easy to whiten when exposed to water.
anti fingerprint effect of stainless steel sheet

CO2 laser cutting

What are the advantages of HOTIGOLD anti-fingerprint stainless steel sheet?

  1. It is easy to clean the surface stains, no metal cleaning agent is needed, and some chemical preparations will make the stainless steel plate black; and it is not easy to stick to fingerprints, dust, and delicate hand feeling, and has super fingerprint resistance and anti-fouling effect.
  2. The anti-fingerprint transparent film layer can protect the metal surface from being easily scratched, because the surface electroplated gold oil has good film properties, high hardness, and is not easy to peel, chalk, and yellow.
  3. The appearance and texture are strong, with oily moisturization, soft hand feeling, and a good metal texture.
  4. The anti-fingerprint stainless steel plate of HOTIGOLD has changed the cold and rigid characteristics of metal, and it looks warm, elegant and decorative.
  5. The anti-fingerprint stainless steel sheet has excellent anti-rust performance, and a protective film formed on the metal surface can effectively prevent the outside from eroding the inside of the metal, and the service life is greatly prolonged.

Why should stainless steel sheet use anti-fingerprint technology?

why should stainless steel plate use anti fingerprint technology

According to the characteristics of stainless steel and many finished product test data, HOTIGOLD recommends the use of anti-fingerprint process to complete the protection of the plate surface. Because in the previous test process, it was found that the same stainless steel material, the fingerprint-free part and the fingerprint-free part were not made, the effect of resisting the same external pollution is very different.

After the anti-fingerprint stainless steel plate has been processed by bending, shearing, and other processes, the inventory and use time is much longer than that of the stainless steel plate that has not been anti-fingerprint. Because of the anti-fingerprint treatment, the protective layer formed on the surface of the sheet can better protect the sheet. The nano-coating process adopted by HOTIGOLD makes the coating stronger, more uniform, and stronger than the traditional anti-fingerprint coating. Durability is high.

HOTIGOLD strongly recommends that you choose anti-fingerprint stainless steel sheet products, which are cost-effective and durable. Contact us for relevant consultation.

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