Stainless steel sheet manufacturing equipment

Take you to understand HOTIGOLD’s core manufacturing equipment and why we can produce high-quality stainless steel sheet products.

High quality stainless steel sheet manufacturing

HOTIGOLD has always been committed to manufacturing high-quality stainless steel sheets with our state-of-the-art equipment. Our perfect hardware facilities, coupled with a professional technical team, escort the quality of each stainless steel sheet. You can find out about the equipment we use to manufacture your stainless steel sheet products here. If you have any questions, you can contact our professional team.


bending machine

bending machine 1
bending machine 2

1.Using high-frequency valve and high-precision hydraulic control, the machine has fast running speed, high stability, high efficiency and high precision.
2.The bending accuracy reaches +/-0.1mm, and the bending angle accuracy reaches ±0.2 arcmin.


Laser Cutting Machine

laser cutting machine 1
laser cutting machine 2

1.Using high-frequency positioning laser head, the positioning accuracy reaches ±0.03mm.
2.The cutting precision is high, and the cutting tolerance can be controlled within 0.1mm.
3.The stainless steel sheet can be cut at high speed, and the stainless steel medium and thick plate has high efficiency.


Plate Shears Machine

plate shears machine 1
plate shears machine 2

1.Using automatic frequency conversion motor, the positioning process is accurate, the cutting precision is high, and the cutting speed is fast.
2.The laser cutting automatic matching setting is convenient to cooperate with technicians to manually cut stainless steel plates.
3.It has reliable safety protection settings for operators.


Numerical Control Press

numerical control press 1
numerical control press 2

1.It has high frequency stamping ability, and the maximum pressure can reach 1000cpm.
2.The blanking tolerance can be controlled within ±0.1mm. High precision.
3.The thickness of the stampable stainless steel sheet reaches 8mm. Makes our stainless steel sheet custom thickness range flexible.


PVD coating machine

pvd coating machine 1

1. PVD ion coating technology has good ion diffraction performance, fast film deposition rate and high production efficiency.
2. There are a wide variety of coating layers, which makes the surface treatment effect of our stainless steel plate correspondingly increased.
3. Excellent adhesion – PVD coating can be bent over 90 degrees without cracking or peeling.


Sandblasting machine

sandblasting machine 1
sandblasting machine 2

1. The advanced electrical control system can automatically adjust the blasting angle, blasting time, blasting distance, backflushing time, the movement of the spray gun, the speed of the worktable, etc.
2. The adjustable pressure of sandblasting is between 0.4~0.8MPa, with a wide adjustable range and various sandblasting effects.


sander machine

sander 1
sander 2

1. Fully automatic electrical control system, which can precisely control the grinding precision and pressure.
2. The maximum speed of the frosted polishing head can reach 4000 rpm. The frosted feeling of the stainless steel plate at different speeds is also different, and the surface effects are various.
3. Imported abrasive belts are used to finely polish the surface of the stainless steel sheet.

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