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Popular Decorative stainless steel sheet

Decorative stainless steel Sheet for both indoor and outdoor.

Manufactured through advanced production equipment and strict technological process.

Competitive prices and perfect customer service.

Quality Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet Manufacturer

HOTIGOLD may be one of the most professional decorative stainless steel sheet manufacturers in China and even in the world.

We are committed to producing high-quality decorative stainless steel sheets, HOTIGOLD has been manufacturing decorative stainless steel sheets with different surfaces, different processes, and different types. At the same time, we also provide custom service, customizing the size, color and surface of the sheet to suit your needs.

For users who are looking for more high-end products, you can choose our Highest Decorative SS Sheet, and for users who require rich surface effects, you can also consider our 3D Embossed SS Sheets and Elevator Decorative SS Sheets.

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Popular decorative stainless steel sheet series

General parameters of popular decorative SS sheet

Regular standard thickness

For the thickness of decorative stainless steel sheet, the general industry standard is between 0.3-0.5mm. This is a general common thickness, which is calibrated by a combination of factors such as the use environment, raw material cost, and manufacturing and processing difficulty.

HOTIGOLD provides decorative stainless steel sheets with the above standard thicknesses. For sheet products that need to be customized beyond the above thickness range, you can contact us for help.

standard thickness
regular standard size

regular standard size

There are also standard sizes commonly used in the industry for the length and width of decorative stainless steel sheets.

Of course, HOTIGOLD also provides common standard size decorative stainless steel sheet products, such as the most common “4×8 stainless steel sheet”, which is actually 1219 * 2438mm. There are also common sizes such as 1000 * 2000mm, 1219 * 3048mm, 1219 * 4000mm, etc.

The above standard size decorative stainless steel sheet can actually meet most of the usage scenarios. Of course, we still provide oversize customization services.

regular standard raw materials

Decorative stainless steel sheet generally use the following grades of stainless steel raw materials: SS201, SS304, SS316, SS430, etc.

HOTIGOLD only uses high-quality products in the above grades, and we only purchase stainless steel raw materials from China or international well-known steel producers.

Our suppliers include POSCO, JISCO, TISCO, LISCO, Baosteel, etc. All of them are well-known steel groups in China and even in the world. HOTIGOLD strictly controls the quality of stainless steel sheet from the very beginning.

regular standard raw materials
regular standard surface texture

regular standard surface texture

Surface texture is an important parameter for decorating stainless steel sheets, reflecting its decorative, ornamental and commercial value.

HOTIGOLD’s decorative stainless steel sheet offers a wide variety of surface texture options. For example, our unique 8K mirror series, hairline series, No.4 AFP series,etching series, embossing series, Bead Blasted series, Vibration series, etc.

HOTIGOLD Custom Popular Decorative stainless steel sheet for Your Project

If you are looking for decorative stainless steel sheets, and are also worried about how to find a reliable stainless steel sheet supplier, then HOTIGOLD’s popular decorative stainless steel sheets can meet your needs and solve your troubles.

HOTIGOLD offers decorative stainless steel sheets made of different grades of stainless steel. Including 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and 430 stainless steel, it can meet your various usage scenarios and cost budgets. Provide absolutely reasonable product prices.

All HOTIGOLD decorative stainless steel sheets are in line with SGS, NSF, ISO 9001 and other quality system certifications.

In the past 12 years, HOTIGOLD has accumulated rich technical experience in the research and development and manufacture of stainless steel sheets. We deeply understand how a high-quality stainless steel sheet is manufactured.

So, from the beginning of your business cooperation with HOTIGOLD, you become an expert, and we will escort your project as always.

Other stainless steel sheet series

Popular Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet Definitive FAQ Guide

HOTIGOLD's popular decorative stainless steel sheets are available for outdoor use.

Because we use high-quality stainless steel raw materials, of course, if it is a 201 grade decorative stainless steel sheet, then pay attention to the degree of corrosion in outdoor use, because 201 stainless steel is relatively weak in corrosion resistance.

Moreover, the thickness can also be customized. We recommend choosing thicker stainless steel sheets for outdoor use, which will be relatively excellent in corrosion resistance, puncture resistance, and impact resistance.

Our popular decorative stainless steel sheet is already well protected through the relevant processes, but the right paint coating can also add to its protection.


So, you can choose any color of enamel or powder coating if possible.


The enamel paint has a glossy surface that resists different weather conditions and protects the stainless steel sheet from the weather. Specific enamel coatings, such as epoxy enamel and PU enamel, are often used for industrial stainless steel metal enclosures because of their corrosion resistance.


Powder coatings are deposited by electrostatic forces, which are faster, more adhesive and easier to dry than enamel paints. Its surface appearance is also more flexible, giving you both glossy and matte finishes.

Popular decorative stainless steel sheets, as the name suggests, play a decorative role.


Our design was originally intended for use on home walls, some electrical enclosures, etc. But in fact, according to our use of customers, popular stainless steel sheets can be used to decorate walls, especially some shopping mall walls, office hall walls, bathroom walls, etc.


Because decorative stainless steel sheets are better than traditional decorative materials in terms of price, daily maintenance, and durability. Moreover, the surface texture effect is rich, and various surfaces can be customized, which is of great ornamental and commercial value, so more and more wall decorations will use decorative stainless steel sheet. If you are considering whether to adopt it, you can contact us for relevant consultation.

HOTIGOLD's popular decorative stainless steel sheets are available in a very wide range of finishes.


Mirror,hairline/brushed,No.4 AFP,etched, embossed, Bead Blasted and vibration finishes are available in our existing line of decorative stainless steel sheets.


HOTIGOLD will continue to develop new decorative effects in the follow-up and improve the product line of decorative stainless steel sheet products.

The biggest advantage of using popular decorative stainless steel sheets is to decorate a single wall, which has a very strong ornamental and commercial value.

For some electrical enclosures, decorative stainless steel sheets can provide good protection, protecting electrical components from corrosion.

In fact, the advantages of use can be seen from the advantages of stainless steel sheets. In short, the advantages are as follows:

1. Corrosion resistance, stainless steel has very good corrosion resistance, using stainless steel plate to decorate some walls can play a good role in protecting the walls. For example, in the kitchen walls with severe oil smoke, stainless steel plates are used to decorate the kitchen walls to protect the kitchen walls from oil pollution.

2. Easy to maintain. The anti-fouling ability of stainless steel sheet is also very good, which is a good saving for later maintenance costs. Basically, no other costly maintenance work is required. The dirt resistance is also particularly excellent, and it can be cleaned with a rag.

3. Light weight. Lightweight stainless steel sheet is a major advantage that many decorative materials do not have. Thin, light, and puncture resistant. Can be used in the manufacture of electrical enclosures. Or some outdoor electrical components that need protection measures can be protected by stainless steel plates, and also play a decorative role, attracting attention.

HOTIGOLD's popular decorative stainless steel sheets all have the above advantages, and the price is reasonable and the quality is excellent. Contact us for a free quote and get your business started fast.

As a professional stainless steel sheet manufacturer in China, HOTIGOLD provides high quality and competitively priced decorative stainless steel sheets. Whether it is our existing products or customized products, HOTIGOLD provides all types of excellent products for your one-stop stainless steel plate solution.

In addition, HOTIGOLD popular decorative stainless steel sheets can be certified by NSF, SGS and ISO 9001, and can definitely meet your needs.

HOTIGOLD's long-term raw material inventory is sufficient to ensure fast production efficiency, reduce your order waiting time, and maximize your business profits. We have many advanced manufacturing equipment, both in terms of production efficiency and stainless steel sheet quality are fast and high-quality.

HOTIGOLD will fully consider customers all over the world, calculate the transportation distance, comprehensive transportation costs and other factors, and customize relevant packaging and protection measures to ensure that customers' stainless steel sheet products are intact during transportation.

We will customize the packaging according to the size of the product and the customer's cost budget. Generally, packaging methods such as wooden brackets, PVC plastic packaging, and metal brackets are used to ensure the safety of the goods.

If you have special requirements for packaging, you can also contact us to propose a solution.

Indeed, this is a more difficult question to determine. Although we are in the process of producing stainless steel sheet, through various processes and processing to enhance the rust resistance.


Just like HOTIGOLD's decorative stainless steel sheet, in addition to using high-quality stainless steel raw materials, we also enhance its performance in all aspects during the manufacturing process, including of course rust resistance. However, due to many uncertain factors in the use environment, even pollution and corrosive substances can cause damage to stainless steel sheets.


Therefore, we will advise customers to avoid sharp objects from scratching the surface of the stainless steel sheet during daily maintenance, which will affect its anti-rust performance. In areas with harsh climates, we recommend using grade 304 or 316 stainless steel, while grade 201 stainless steel is not recommended because its performance is not as good as 304 or 316. Under normal circumstances, decorative stainless steel sheets are not prone to rust.

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