Color Stainless Steel Sheet Surface finishing

Choose the right finish to meet your color stainless steel sheet product and application requirements. Different surface treatments are very important for sheet performance, appearance and longevity. HOTIGOLD can provide a variety of sheet surface treatments to meet your custom needs, and provide technical support based on our extensive manufacturing experience.

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Surface finishing technical parameters

Surface Process Requirements Quality Standard
Mirror 1.Use high-speed polishing and grinding equipment, rolling polishing machine, etc. 2.Use high quality grinding media. Such as whetstone, diamond paste and different grades of sandpaper. 3.The polishing process needs to go through rough grinding, medium grinding and fine grinding. Finally, a bright surface effect is achieved. The mirror level is above 8K. No unwanted streaks, dirt spots and scratches. The surface is flat and the mirror finish is the same.
Brushed The method of rolling mechanical friction is used to form lines in the same direction on the surface of the stainless steel sheet. After processing, the surface state is straight lines (also called wire drawing). There are effects such as straight lines and diagonal lines. The brushed texture is uniform in thickness and depth. There is no burr, and the surface of the sheet is flat. No bulges.
Sandblasted Powered by highly compressed air. A high-speed jet beam is formed to spray the spray medium (such as quartz sand, emery), etc., onto the surface of the sheet to be treated at a high speed, so that the surface of the sheet presents a fine bead-like sand surface, forming a unique sand surface effect. The sand is uniform in shape and size. No burrs and even surface flatness. Strong matte feel.
Etched The part of the stainless steel plate surface that is not etched is covered with a special corrosion inhibitor layer to block the erosive liquid, so that the liquid can only contact the surface of the part to be etched, so as to achieve the purpose of etching patterns and characters. The etching part requires the same depth. The unetched part is required to show the original appearance of the stainless steel sheet. Use environmentally friendly etchant.
Embossed Using a concave-convex mold, under the action of a set pressure, the stainless steel sheet is deformed, so as to perform artistic processing on the stainless steel surface. The surface of the embossed stainless steel sheet presents patterns and textures of different shades, with an obvious three-dimensional embossing effect. It is required that the embossing texture is clear and the depth is obvious. There are no obvious scratches on the surface. Strong stereo effect.
Vibration Similar to the brushed process. Using a high-speed vibrating polishing head, a spiral-like texture effect is formed on the surface of the stainless steel sheet by means of spiral friction. The surface texture of the board is required to be clear and uniform. No scratches and bumps.
PVD Plating In the vacuum coating machine, the ionic film layer of titanium/zirconium compound is used to form a protective layer on the surface of the stainless steel sheet, and the film layer can not fade for many years in an outdoor environment. And can present various colors. The coating thickness is required to be greater than 0.3mm. And the film layer is uniform. Strong rigidity. Meet the requirements of outdoor use.
Anti-Fingerprint On the surface of the stainless steel sheet, a special composite coating is formed on the surface of the sheet by roller coating or spraying. Has anti-fingerprint properties. The surface of the sheet requires uniform spraying. The coating thickness is consistent and fine. Oil and fingerprint resistant.

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