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An excellent stainless steel profile manufacturer, HOTIGOLD provides you with the most reliable stainless steel profile products, reasonable prices, comprehensive custom services and perfect customer service.

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Excellent stainless steel profile supplier in China

Stainless steel profile is another special product of our HOTIGOLD, which is mainly divided into trims, corner trims, profiles and other series.

HOTIGOLD has nearly 12 years of experience in stainless steel profile production, and has accumulated rich product technology. Combined with modern production technology, HOTIGOLD has unique insights into stainless steel trim products. Our stainless steel profiles are well received by our customers.

We have hundreds of stainless steel profile products, and we also provide custom services to design and produce stainless steel profiles that meet your needs. We can also provide OEM/ODM services for your brand.

From the moment you contact us, you become an expert and let us help you grow your business.

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Stainless Steel profile Hot Selling Products

Why HOTIGOLD can manufacture quality stainless steel profile?

HOTIGOLD has nearly 12 years of experience in stainless steel profile manufacturing, has accumulated rich product technology, has a professional technical team, and has a strict quality control system. Complete production capacity from raw materials to finished products.

Always use high-quality stainless steel raw materials, adopt modern and advanced production technology, and must perform product quality inspection processes, which are the guarantees for our HOTIGOLD to produce high-quality stainless steel profiles. At the same time the basis of customer trust.

First-class hardware facilities, perfect technological process and excellent product quality system are the keys for HOTIGOLD to manufacture high-quality stainless steel profiles.

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HOTIGOLD stainless steel profile Types

stainless steel tile trim

stainless steel tile profile

Stainless steel tile profile is generally T-shaped. It is processed by bending equipment and is generally used on the contact surface between two tiles to protect the edge of the tiles and also for decoration.

Compared with traditional tile fillers, metal stainless steel tile profile is more practical, has a long service life, is moisture-proof and mildew-proof, and is easy to clean.

Like our stainless steel sheets, stainless steel tile profiles are available in a variety of finishes and have great ornamental and commercial decorative value.

stainless steel angle profile

Stainless steel angle profiles are usually designed at right angles in the industry, and our HOTIGOLD is also designed at right angles. Suitable for most usage scenarios, of course, we provide customized services, which can be customized from any angle.

Stainless steel angle profile has practical functions such as protecting the outer edge of tiles and protecting wall corners. And the finish is rich, the color can be customized, it is very suitable for decorative use.

It is especially suitable for home corner decoration, ceiling beautification, floor tile protection and other scenarios.

stainless steel angle trim
stainless steel edge trim

Stainless Steel Edge profile

Stainless steel edge profile is relatively simple and intuitive, and is a versatile stainless steel profile product.

It can be used for background wall decoration, front protection of stairs, floor dividing line decoration, wall transition decoration, etc. HOTIGOLD provides a full range of stainless steel edge profile custom services, which can be custom in thickness and length.

Made of high-quality stainless steel raw materials, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and rust-proof, various colors, contact us immediately for custom.

Stainless Steel Skirting

Stainless steel skirting is a variant of stainless steel tile profile, which is wider, reduces edge friction between tiles, and provides better protection. It can be made flat with the surface of the tile, and there is no protruding feeling.

The bends can be processed with right angles or rounded corners, depending on customer custom. HOTIGOLD adopts advanced processing equipment, the edge of stainless steel skirting has no burrs, and it is smooth and feels good.

Variety of finishing effects, 8K mirror, brushed, vibration, etching, sandblasting, etc. can be customized. Contact us for the best offer and start working together.

stainless steel skirting

Stainless Steel profile manufacturing process Overview

All-Round Stainless Steel profile Custom Service

Custom Color

Like the stainless steel sheet, the surface can be customized in various colors.

The most popular colors of stainless steel profile are the following, which are more custom, such as titanium gold, black, silver, rose gold, bronze, primary colors, etc.

The color of stainless steel profile is mostly metallic, and HOTIGOLD provides full color customization. All you need to do is tell us what color you want to customize, it’s that simple.

custom finishes

The stainless steel profile is made of stainless steel sheet, so the finishing effect can be customized like the stainless steel sheet.

At present, our HOTIGOLD stainless steel profile has many finishes that can be custom, mirror, brushed, hairline, sandblasted, vibrated, etched, etc.

In addition to the above-mentioned finishing effects, enhanced treatment processes such as anti-fingerprint and PVD coating can also be custom. Create tough performance for stainless steel profile.

stainless steel trim custom size

Custom Size

HOTIGOLD provides stainless steel profile size customization service. The theoretically acceptable customized size range is within 5m in length, within 3mm in thickness, and the width can be freely custom.

We recommend that the stainless steel profile be customized in thickness according to the actual application, because our stainless steel profile has strong compression resistance, no deformation, and there is no need to custom the thick profile, which can save costs.

Why HOTIGOLD is trusted by many global brands

Wide application

Certification System

Wide range of applications

stainless steel trim applications 1


Bedroom wall decoration, practical and beautiful

stainless steel trim applications 2

dining room

Suitable for dining room walls, cabinets and sliding doors

stainless steel trim applications 3


Bathroom walls and bathroom cabinets can also be used

stainless steel trim applications 4

Walls and Ceilings

Background wall and ceiling of commercial premises

stainless steel trim applications 5

background wall

Home living room background wall, simple and beautiful

stainless steel trim applications 6

living room

Living room TV background wall, shocking visual effect

First-Class Hardware Facilities
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Ultimate FAQ Guide to stainless steel profile wholesale and custom

What are the main applications of stainless steel profile?

applications of stainless steel trim

The primary application of stainless steel profile is decorative seams, which protect edges and seams. Specifically divided into the following major applications:

Tile Seam Fill:There will definitely be a little space in the joints between the tiles, so the stainless steel profile is there to fill the joint space. Reduce friction between tile contact surfaces and protect tile edges. It is also decorative.

Front contact edge of stairs:Stainless steel angle profile can be used to protect the front contact edge of the stairs. Stairs are easily damaged due to frequent contact and friction with the soles of people’s shoes. Some high-end office stairs will use stainless steel angle profile to decorate the stairs, which not only protects them, but also makes them more beautiful.

Wall decoration: Walls such as background walls can be decorated with stainless steel edge profile, so that it will not be monotonous. A variety of colors and a variety of finishes can be used to create a very beautiful background wall.

Ceiling decoration: stainless steel profile can also be used on decorative ceilings, and used together with stainless steel sheet, it can be matched with amazing visual effects.

What grade of stainless steel profile is best?

Commonly used stainless steel grades are SS201, SS304, SS316 and SS430. All can be manufactured with stainless steel profile. However, for practicality and durability, 304 stainless steel profile is the best value for money.

Because 201 grade stainless steel is cheap, but its processing performance is not as good as 304, and 316 and 430 stainless steel are slightly more expensive, although the performance is good, but the cost performance is low, so it is the most appropriate to use 304 grade stainless steel profile in combination with the above factors. Of course, if the customer has the pursuit of performance and service life, it is also possible to choose stainless steel profile of grade 316 or 430.

Or you can consult us for reasonable advice.

What are the general shapes of stainless steel profile that can be custom?

The most widely used stainless steel trims are right-angle profiles, T-shaped profiles, U-shaped profiles(skirting lines), flat profiles, etc.

The above are the conventional application shapes. Of course, our HOTIGOLD considers the actual application environment may be more complicated, so we provide a special shape customization solution, that is, stainless steel special-shaped strips. We can customize the shape shown in the picture below, and there are dozens of other shapes to choose from, you can contact us for a customized manual.

general shapes of stainless steel trim

How about the shipping packaging for the stainless steel profile? Will it be damaged during shipping?

We will reasonably choose the corresponding packaging method according to the size of the customized product.

Our HOTIGOLD generally adopts seawater-resistant wood packaging, plastic bracket packaging, metal bracket packaging, or wood + bracket packaging.

The above transportation and packaging methods are all based on our long-term experience, and the products delivered to customers through the above packaging are in good condition, so you do not need to worry about damaging the products during transportation.

Of course, if you need to specify a special packaging method, you can contact us in advance for packaging customization, and we will deal with your product packaging method according to the actual situation. And the most important thing is that we will carry out relevant quality inspection on the packaging before each delivery to ensure that it is in good condition.

packing and shipping

What paint is best to use when using stainless steel profile?

Our stainless steel profile has been produced with daily protection in mind, and its surface has been protected by relevant coating or paint.

However, if you do need to paint the stainless steel profile, that’s fine too. Because the right paint coating can also increase its protection.

So, if possible, you can choose any color of enamel or powder coating. The enamel paint has a glossy finish that resists different weather conditions and protects the stainless steel profile from the weather. Specific enamel coatings, such as epoxy enamel and PU enamel, are often used in industrial stainless steel metal enclosures due to their corrosion resistance.

Powder coatings are deposited by electrostatic forces, which are faster, stickier and easier to dry than enamel coatings. Its surface appearance is also more flexible, giving you glossy and matte finishes.

What properties does stainless steel profile generally have?

stainless steel trim generally have

Stainless steel profile has all the properties of stainless steel, and just like our stainless steel sheet, it performs as well.

Stainless steel profile is generally anti-fouling, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, and will not mildew over time like other traditional decorative materials. So it is especially suitable for outdoor applications. The rust resistance is also outstanding, especially with our specific process, which further enhances the rust resistance of the stainless steel profile.

With the advancement of our product technology, coupled with the current advanced processing equipment, our stainless steel profile also has excellent anti-fingerprint and anti-corrosion functions. The stainless steel profile is made more weather resistant with PVD coating.

By choosing HOTIGOLD’s stainless steel decorative products, you are sure to provide reliable support for your business or project.

What parameters do custom stainless steel profiles provide?

Custom stainless steel profile generally only needs to provide the following parameters: product length, profile width, profile thickness, appearance color and finish treatment process.

Generally, the length and width of stainless steel profile are freely customized, but in post-installation and processing, we have relevant recommended dimensions. Of course, the thickness of the profile also has a recommended size range. Too thin or too thick is not suitable for use. And these parameters, as customers may not be clear, you can browse our stainless steel profile products, the parameters can be used as a reference. Or contact us for help.

Our professional and technical personnel will give relevant suggestions according to your actual application. In order to ensure that our products can provide reliable quality, sometimes the parameters we provide may be different from the custom parameters you provide.

How long do stainless steel profiles generally last?

how long do stainless steel trims generally last

Our HOTIGOLD stainless steel profile generally has a service life of 5-10 years. This is the theoretical data in the laboratory. Of course, the actual use depends on the environment.

Our stainless steel profile has a much longer lifespan than the industry average of 1-3 years. We pay great attention to the selection of raw materials, select high-quality stainless steel raw materials, process through a series of technical processes, and rely on many years of manufacturing experience to design excellent stainless steel profile products.

In terms of scratch resistance and rust resistance, the performance is also outstanding. So HOTIGOLD’s stainless steel profile is also perfect for outdoor use. You don’t need to worry about its longevity and so on.

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