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HOTIGOLD Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet Manufacturing

Learn more about HOTIGOLD decorative stainless steel sheet manufacturing.

It is not a simple matter to produce a high-quality decorative stainless steel sheet. Although it is only the surface sheet metal processing of the stainless steel plate, there are many processes involved, and each step must be strictly implemented in accordance with relevant parameters and quality systems.Such as laser cutting, bending, polishing, sandblasting, embossing, brushed, bead blasted, etc.

On this page you can learn all about HOTIGOLD decorative stainless steel sheets. As well as our latest decorative stainless steel sheet products for global customers.

If you have any questions, just send the relevant questions to christina@hotigold.com; or contact us directly through the form.

decorative stainless steel sheet manufacturing

Color plating process

Bedroom Furnace Electroplating Process

Anti-fingerprint process

8K mirror polishing process

Sandblasting process

3D embossing process

brushed process

CNC laser cutting

Polishing process

PVD coating process

Painting process

Anti-fingerprint process

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