Full service contract supplier for color stainless steel sheet production

Our factory and production equipment

HOTIGOLD has an industrial plant of 6000+ square meters.

Advanced modern stainless steel sheet production equipment.

From raw material procurement to processing and manufacturing to finished product delivery,

it is highly integrated. And strictly implement the relevant quality system.

our team

HOTIGOLD has a professional technical team, a unique color stainless steel sheet R & D system and the latest generation of manufacturing equipment. These help to improve the quality of our products, shorten delivery times and offer very competitive product prices in the market.

Rich experience in manufacturing color stainless steel sheet industry, diversified technical team, create value and provide customers with a complete service system.Provide OEM&ODM service with excellent quality. And according to customer needs to control costs, improve product cost performance.

Find out how HOTIGOLD can effectively contribute to your project or company.

Our industrial plant

HOTIGOLD is a wholly-owned color stainless steel sheet production factory. Fully equipped with modern, efficient and advanced production machinery and equipment.Has the industry’s advanced and latest manufacturing process to meet your required stainless steel sheet product production requirements. 

Our production equipment

stamping equipment

Stamping equipment

laser cutting

laser cutting

pvd coating equipment

PVD coating equipment

cnc bending equipment

CNC bending equipment

cnc polishing equipment

CNC polishing equipment

planer equipment

Planer Equipment

Visual and traceable

We carry out strict quality control on every step of the production process of color stainless steel sheets, and jointly supervise with customers, the whole production process can be traced back.