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HOTIGOLD is not only a manufacturer of stainless steel sheet, but also an expert in the manufacture of stainless steel screens.A professional stainless steel screen manufacturer integrating independent design and development and OEM/ODM services – HOTIGOLD.

Adhere to the use of high-quality stainless steel raw materials from world-renowned steel groups to manufacture high-quality stainless steel screens for your projects. Provide a full range of customized services for stainless steel screens, design and produce excellent products that meet the quality certification system according to your requirements.

Custom stainless steel screen size

Customize the required stainless steel screen for your project, custom height, custom width, custom sheet thickness, etc.

In theory, our customizable size parameters are as follows:
Thickness: 1-30mm
Height: 700-6000mm
Width: 400-2000mm

The above size parameters are obtained through market research and practice, and are sufficient for most use environments.

stainless steel screen size
stainless steel screen color

Custom stainless steel screen color

Stainless steel screens can be customized in many surface colors, just like stainless steel sheet products.

The most popular colors among customers are the following: Titanium Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze, Silver, Black, etc.

Of course, you can customize other colors. According to your actual use scene, we will also give relevant suggestions to match the color system for you. Contact us for advice.

Custom Stainless Steel Screen Finishes

As an expert in the manufacture of stainless steel screens, HOTIGOLD provides a variety of customized solutions for stainless steel finishes.

8k mirror , NO.4 AFP, hairline,Etched, Bead Blasted, vibration and other surface treatment effects.

Through our professional technicians and advanced production equipment, the finishing effect of stainless steel screen has been well received by our customers.

stainless steel screen finish
stainless steel screen design

Custom Stainless Steel Screen design

HOTIGOLD has a first-class design team, providing a variety of stainless steel screen pattern design solutions.

Considering factors such as cost budget and practicality of stainless steel screen, we can provide the best screen pattern design for your project.

If you have your own design plan or idea, it is even easier, just contact us directly to send your requirements.

Design scheme of stainless steel screen part

screen design 1
screen design 2
screen design 3

Application scene of stainless steel screen

Decorate the background of indoor and outdoor public spaces such as living room, hotel, bar, etc.
Elevator car, handrail, living room, background wall, ceiling, kitchen equipment.
Especially suitable for bars, clubs, KTV, hotels, commercial offices, villas, shopping malls.

Core manufacturing process of stainless steel screen

CNC laser cutting

Using high-precision CNC laser cutting, no matter what kind of stainless steel screen pattern is customized, it can be easily competent.
The precision of the high-speed laser head can reach ±0.03mm, and the cutting tolerance is controlled within 0.1mm. The cutting pattern is exquisite and has no burr.

The processing efficiency is high, and the proofing time of HOTIGOLD can be controlled within 1-3 days, thereby reducing the follow-up time and speeding up the order completion time.

PVD vacuum coating

Using the most advanced PVD vacuum coating process in the industry, the surface of the stainless steel screen is PVD coated, and the color performance is more natural and smooth.

HOTIGOLD has large-scale PVD coating equipment, professional PVD coating technicians, and produces the required stainless steel screens in strict accordance with the customized needs of customers. Judging from previous customer evaluations, our PVD coating process is well received.

More application examples

stainless steel wall panel

Kitchen Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless Steel Ceiling

PVD color stainless steel sheet

Stainless steel screen manufacturing experts around you

Yes. HOTIGOLD's stainless steel screens can be used outdoors.


Just like our stainless steel sheet, for outdoor applications, it is recommended to choose 304, 316 or 430 stainless steel for stainless steel grades. Although 201 stainless steel has more advantages in price, its performance is not as good as that of the above-mentioned grades of stainless steel. In the face of outdoor use environment, the service life of stainless steel screen cannot be guaranteed.


And after our related process treatment, the stainless steel screen has very high-quality performance and can completely face the outdoor environment.

To manufacture high-quality stainless steel screens is not an easy task.

Thanks to HOTIGOLD's nearly 12 years of experience in the stainless steel sheet industry, advanced production equipment and professional technical team, the stainless steel screens we produce are better than the industry. Liked by many customers around the world.

The manufacturing process of HOTIGOLD stainless steel screen includes: CNC laser cutting, CNC cutting, CNC bending, welding, polishing, grinding, PVD vacuum coating, powder coating, spray painting, etc.

After the above manufacturing process, the stainless steel screen is exquisite, durable and of great commercial value.

Stainless steel screens have many application methods, because some customers do not know how to use them correctly, so we have come up with some suggestions based on experience and previous customer feedback, which are very worth your reference.

Infill walls or panels: stair railings, balcony dividers, balustrades
Ceiling or skylight panels
Room dividers and partition screens
Air conditioner grill cover
door panel inserts
Privacy screen
Window panels and shutters
Art Guardrail

The above are some places that are particularly suitable for installing stainless steel screens, which can help you for reference. If you are not sure whether you can use stainless steel screens, you can also contact us for help. We are very happy to provide you with a solution.

Stainless steel screens are a major category of stainless steel products, which include many types of screen products of different types and applications.


According to our HOTIGOLD classification, we conclude that stainless steel screens can be roughly divided into the following categories:

Office partition, hotel lobby partition, hotel screen, luxury space screen, KTV partition screen, club wall panel, living room screen, conference room screen, hall screen, stainless steel sliding screen, folding partition, stainless steel vacuum plating screen, restaurant room partition.

Traditional screens are generally made of plastic or glass, and their durability and safety are not as diverse as stainless steel.


Because of its material advantages, stainless steel screens can be customized and have good processing performance. They are better than traditional screens in terms of shape, material, color, and size. The appearance can be customized to any desired pattern design.


In terms of durability, stainless steel screens have a long service life and are resistant to aging in daily use, which is better than plastic screens. Easy maintenance, strong anti-fouling ability, reduce maintenance costs later. A stainless steel screen of the same size is also lighter than a glass screen. Reduce installation difficulties, reduce transportation costs, etc.


Finally, due to the metallic properties of stainless steel screens, they are better than traditional screens in terms of gloss and viewing.

HOTIGOLD has a strong professional design engineer, pre-designed many stainless steel screen pattern templates for you to choose.Please feel free to contact us for a pattern design template for reference.

Of course, you can design the appearance scheme by yourself, as long as you provide us with relevant drawings or electronic documents, HOTIGOLD will quickly produce samples according to your needs. Any pattern scheme is possible.


The most important thing is that we provide design solutions for free, or you provide design drawings, and we design 3D effect samples for your reference free of charge. But trust us, you will love our design templates.(Learn More)

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